Childhood. Rewind. [1]

Inside every adult there’s still a child that lingers – Guy Laliberte

The (private) tour guide said, “The next place we’re going to visit is the one and only museum that will bring you directly to your childhood”. I was just thinking.. what?? another museum?? I thought that my facial expressions and my negative comments on  our previous visits to several museums have already enough to explain how I don’t really like them. Unorganized, spooky, boring, lack of information, … you name it. “Hahaha…you will love this museum. For sure. Satisfaction guaranteed”. Dang! The guide even teased me more..

The museum itself is hosted in another building, yet there are no clear signage. I believe, without proper information about this place, the visitors will easily get lost or just wander around without any chance to enter the museum. The only visible sign is this doll and a small poster below it. Aha, Museum Pendidikan dan Mainan Kolong Tangga also known as Museum Kolong Tangga. Let’s see if there’s something that can impress me.