Lompat ke konten


Hi! Welcome to all the mumbo jumbo about dotdolan. I’m Je, the owner of dotdolan.com

about dotdolan

The site contains tips on accommodation, food, and transportation. Well, sometimes I write the funny stories related to my journey. You can say that the site is a media to practice my writing skills (as well as my storytelling skills) in such a way that may give insights to you, the readers.

Why dotdolan.com?

In almost every language, a dot plays a (quite) important role. It functions as a symbol of termination and separation. On the other hand, every line starts with a dot.

As for me, I’d rather see a dot in a positive way: a symbol to consider every place and every person as one dot that leads to another. The only way to be able to meet different places and people is by traveling, or dolanΒ in Javanese.

The combination of those words, dotdolan, records the stories or the dots when I travel, the good ones, or memorable ones. Those are written in Bahasa Indonesia and in English (well, it needs more efforts)

Enjoy the dot(s) of dotdolan(dot)com

…and let me know your ideas, your curiosity, as well your inquiry to collaborate πŸ˜€



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