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Wi-Fi and Inflight Entertainment: Another reason to fly with AirAsia

I was scrolling down my Twitter timeline when I suddenly stopped and reread the tweet. I was tickled by my curiosity as I read one of AirAsiaID’s tweets. Well, despite my disappointment for not being chosen as their winner for Bangkok, I still consider AirAsia as the one of the carriers to pursue my dream, to travel everywhere.

The tweet says that AirAsiaID lauched its Wi-Fi and in-flight entertainment on Friday. What? So, I did something illegal during my flight to KUL last September or I was just lucky to enjoy something new?

Just like my previous flights with AirAsia, I expected nothing for the inflight entertainment but a nap after a cup of warm teh tarik. Yet, I couldn’t sleep. Having conversation with my fellow friends was not an option since we were assigned to different rows. I guessed, the magazine would be a better option rather than just daydreaming.

I found nothing interesting in the magazine, but I saw an ad telling about Wi-Fi onboard. Well, LCC flights don’t have it… what’s the point? So I decided to close the magazine and…did nothing.

Then, I heard an announcement. At first, I was not paying attention to the announcement made by the crew. I thought was just common announcement telling about the meals, duty free stuffs, etc etc.. but wait.. it mentioned something: The AK329 flight is equipped with Wi-Fi. I grabbed the magazine again because read similar information there. Yep, right…the ad that I saw before. Now I read it more carefully and… the perks of being an avid reader: The ad said that Wi-Fi and inflight entertainment is available. Wohoo… no more boredom.

Source: AirAsia travel3sixty Magazine

Well, the steps are quite easy (if you read the directions carefully) because all you need is just connecting your device to a certain website. Then you can choose to purchase the data plan or just enjoy the in-flight entertainment. If you are a member of AirAsia Loyalty Program, you can just log in and enjoy being greeted with your personal name 🙂

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Music, Movies, Articles

Just like common in-flight entertainment, you can find several categories here.

I had a chance to explore more, but too bad, I forgot to bring my earphones so I didn’t try to listen to the songs in Music category. Later on that day, a fellow friend said that the songs on AirAsia picks are worth listening.

When you want to watch movies, there are a lot of short videos to accompany you during the flight. Just tap, and enjoy the movie.

Travel Guide – my fave!

As for me, the most interesting one is about the Travel Guides. There are several cities among the options, like Bali, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Penang, and others. For each city, you can find a brief information as well as the trivia about the city.

A lucky b*stard tried the in-flight entertainment before it was officially launched…on her bday getaway.

Well, I decided not to try the Wi-Fi because the in-flight entertainment itself provided enough entertainment for me. Uhm maybe the Management of AirAsia Indonesia can provide another opportunity to try the Wi-Fi onboard?

Disclaimer :

This is not a paid post. I wrote the post based on my own experience on AK329 SRG-KUL on September 29, 2017. 


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  1. Aku nyobain lagu sama gamesnya. Lagu di tiap kategori nggak banyak tp enak2.

    Gamesnya jg asik. Ada yg bikin niat tidur jadi gagal. Penasaran pengen main terus sampe naik level 😅

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