The Cats in the Museum : Tiga Aktivitas untuk Menghabiskan Weekend di Bangkok

Menyusun rencana perjalanan untuk menikmati Bangkok selama 3 hari 2 malam, ternyata….tidak mudah saudara-saudara. Bangkok menawarkan banyak hal. Terlalu banyak malah, mulai dari wisata sejarah, budaya, kuliner, sampai wisata cicip minuman di beberapa bar atau sekadar bercengkrama sambil menghabiskan malam di daerah Patpong dan Soi Cowboy. Ups.

Namun, sukses dengan itinerary Vietnam dan Melaka, rasa-rasanya tantangan AirAsiaGo terlalu sayang untuk dilewatkan, sambil diiringi doa: Semoga #AAGOMakeItReal ini benar-benar jadi perpanjangan tangan Tuhan untuk membawa saya ke Bangkok. read more

Childhood. Rewind [2]

Do you still remember what I said as we entered the buildingWell, yeah. I mean, there was no clear signage of a museum at all. No big letters, no pictures, no guides. The only sign was a chimpanzee that greets the visitor. Yep, a toy chimpanzee that will directly bring you to your childhood


Well, wait. Let me sip my cappuccino..


Childhood on display

This place, Museum Anak Kolong Tangga, is not a museum at all. If I may say, it is a time machine. Yes, a time machine.

Can you imagine..strolling along the aisle full of your childhood toys and those eyes are looking at you and lending their imaginary hands to bring you back to your childhood? It’s like…suddenly you are standing in the middle of your playground with Madonna’s song playing as the soundtrack…this used to be my playground~ as you realize that your playground is now a concrete jungle? read more

Childhood. Rewind. [1]

Inside every adult there’s still a child that lingers – Guy Laliberte

The (private) tour guide said, “The next place we’re going to visit is the one and only museum that will bring you directly to your childhood”. I was just thinking.. what?? another museum?? I thought that my facial expressions and my negative comments on  our previous visits to several museums have already enough to explain how I don’t really like them. Unorganized, spooky, boring, lack of information, … you name it. “Hahaha…you will love this museum. For sure. Satisfaction guaranteed”. Dang! The guide even teased me more.. read more

Night at Ranggawarsita Museum with The Puppets

Museum? In the evening? Well, like…seriously joking? For me, visiting museums has always created a strange excitement. I’m crazy about history, yet, museums, uhm, especially the buildings, give me goosebumps. Spooky. Then, I got this invitation to an event entitled Dolan Museum #1 : Malam bersama Wayang (Visit Museum : An evening with puppets) which was held by Ranggawarsita Museum. Hm… I just had a thought, it must be exciting..there must be many people, then why not? Then from the title, it was clear that the purpose of the event was to introduce various kinds of wayang to the participants. read more