Childhood. Rewind [2]

Do you still remember what I said as we entered the buildingWell, yeah. I mean, there was no clear signage of a museum at all. No big letters, no pictures, no guides. The only sign was a chimpanzee that greets the visitor. Yep, a toy chimpanzee that will directly bring you to your childhood


Well, wait. Let me sip my cappuccino..


Childhood on display

This place, Museum Anak Kolong Tangga, is not a museum at all. If I may say, it is a time machine. Yes, a time machine.

Can you imagine..strolling along the aisle full of your childhood toys and those eyes are looking at you and lending their imaginary hands to bring you back to your childhood? It’s like…suddenly you are standing in the middle of your playground with Madonna’s song playing as the soundtrack…this used to be my playground~ as you realize that your playground is now a concrete jungle?

…and suddenly you remember all your childhood friends, you start wondering when you can meet them even you have them in your social media accounts?

From Global to Local


Moral of the stories?

Still remember the display showing all the characters from Little Red Riding Hood, then Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy, and Dopey from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Cinderella? You know, my mom always asked me to retell the story using my own words..and she asked the lesson I can learn from those stories.


Let’s get wet! – Kapal Othok-othok

Then, do you also remember the sound of these boats fueled by heat from candles? Yep, the sound that creates the nickname of the boat: Kapal Othok-othok. As the boats moves around the big bucket filled with water, me and my friends laughed cheerfully as if we were in those boats. Ah.. I miss those days.

Those days when all the children were busy playing with dirt and leaves, when all the boys screamed as they played marbles, when all the girls laughed and sing as they played paper dolls…and some other boys and girls were busy playing traditional games. *sigh


To the lodging, shall we? I need some rest. The trip were just too tiring….suddenly, I miss being a child.

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