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Ranggawarsita Museum: A Night with The Puppets

Museum? In the evening? Well, like…seriously joking? For me, visiting museums has always created a strange excitement. I’m crazy about history, yet, museums, uhm, especially the buildings, give me goosebumps. Spooky. Then, I got this invitation to an event entitled Dolan Museum #1 : Malam bersama Wayang (Visit Museum : An evening with puppets) which was held by Ranggawarsita Museum. Hm… I just had a thought, it must be exciting..there must be many people, then why not? Then from the title, it was clear that the purpose of the event was to introduce various kinds of wayang to the participants.

After the warm opening, the participants were divided into two groups. Each group was guided by two kanca museum (or friends of the museum). They provided detailed information related to the puppets. Those puppets were neatly arranged in groups and placed in different spots around the museum. So, besides listening to the information about puppets,  the participants were able to see the museum’s collections.

The first stop was Gunungan which symbolizes an opening, the beginning of a story and various things that are related to our life as humans.Actually, the guides shared many information about Gunungan but I didn’t pay much attention 😀



As the participants strolled around the museum, the guides explained about several groups of puppets and the purpose of their making. For example, wayang Babad which was used to inform the Government’s program and wayang Wahyu which focuses on the story from the Bible.

For me, the most interesting kind of puppet is wayang Suket. The puppets were made from braided grass to create its unique shape and texture. Those puppets were not painted, exposing their natural color.


Wayang Suket

All in all, the committee prepared this event carefully and seriously. It can be seen from the surprises prepared for the participants like refreshments, dinner, and, this is the best for me: wayang orang performace from Tamashe STIE BPD right in the middle of the crowd. Yet, the groups should have been smaller so the participants could enjoy the tour better. Still, I love it and eagerly wait for the upcoming events at Ranggawarsita Museum

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