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No Ticket(s) Needed from Bandung

Few days prior to my departure to Bandung, Erika shared an link about Bandung Train Station has chosen as the pilot project to apply Check-in and Boarding Pass System for the passengers. One thing crossed my mind at that time: Wait? New system? That must be exciting 😉

Soon after I arrived at Bandung Train Station, I managed to find some information about the new arrangement and, of course, the Check- in counter. Voila, the counter is located right across from the North Gate of Bandung Train Station. It can be easily seen as the passenger get into the train station. The steps to do a self check-in are written neatly and clearly in the banners next to the check in counter. Some officers are also stand-by to help those who are confused. Nice. No need to worry. I continued my steps, ready to explore Bandung.

check in counter stasiun bandung

Check-in Counter at Bandung Train Station (pic: news.detik.com)

Finally, after spending few days in Bandung, I got to return to Semarang. Excited, yes, since it was also an opportunity from me to try the new system. Erika accompanied me to the train station because she was also curious. Surely, it is also an unforgettable journey for her.

So, here’s how to do a self check-in:

  1. Make sure that you have purchased a ticket. No need to worry if you haven’t printed it out.
  2. Come to the train station 3 hours – 10 minutes before the departure. Locate the self check-in counter.
  3. Enter your booking code/payment code and wait for the boarding pass to be printed.
  4. Whenever in doubt, pray, then ask one of the officers 😉
  5. Keep the boarding pass
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Then, proceed to the train platform. Some officers will check your ID card and the boarding pass. Wait, so, we don’t have to print the train ticket? Yep, exactly. No more printed tickets (hopefully, in the future).

But, the ticket will be checked, rite? Nope. For passengers of trains departing from Bandung, providing boarding pass would be enough.

For me, this system is just a more advanced system from the previous one. What makes the differences is just printed tickets are replaced by printed boarding pass.

Boarding pass

Ticket v. Boarding Pass

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