Night at Ranggawarsita Museum with The Puppets

Museum? In the evening? Well, like…seriously joking? For me, visiting museums has always created a strange excitement. I’m crazy about history, yet, museums, uhm, especially the buildings, give me goosebumps. Spooky. Then, I got this invitation to an event entitled Dolan Museum #1 : Malam bersama Wayang (Visit Museum : An evening with puppets) which was held by Ranggawarsita Museum. Hm… I just had a thought, it must be exciting..there must be many people, then why not? Then from the title, it was clear that the purpose of the event was to introduce various kinds of wayang to the participants.


The One and Only Heritage Boutique Hotel : The Sidji

Most people visit Pekalongan to taste the traditional food, Nasi Megono, or to buy its various kinds of Batik. Others just pass through the city to go to other cities by trains, buses, or cars. Yes, Pekalongan is famous for its food and batik and as a city in the north part of Central Java, yet actually, there are many heritage buildings which are interesting to be explored. One of those is The Sidji Hotel.

Having the tagline as “Heritage Boutique Hotel”, The Sidji Hotel is located at Jl Cipto Mangunkusumo no. 66, Pekalongan. It has unique main building that nobody can neglect. The main building, built in 1918, was the house of a┬áChinese couple,┬áH


Let’s get lost!

While most people get panicked when realizing that they are in the middle of nowhere, others choose to enjoy the moment. As for me, I love being lost, physically and mentally, in some places, in books, between some words and letters, or maybe, in your eyes.

Enjoy the result of me getting lost.